Another Sivagami Devi: Ramya Krishnan REVEALS Her Next Role!

How exciting!

Ramya Krishnan is hands down one of the best actresses ever in India. The southern beauty has played many roles in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. She has also done major roles in television programs. Ramya Krishnan has played many unique characters and always does a fine job of acting them.

Ramya Krishnan’s role as Sivagami in Bahubali is one of the best supporting character role ever played by anyone. Sivagami is the headstrong and fierce queen of Mahishmati. Ramya emanates a sheer magnificence in this never-before role of hers. Bahubali was dubbed in many languages and Ramya herself dubbed for her role in the Telugu and Tamil version. Her amazing acting earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor- Telugu.

In recent, the actress’s role in her upcoming Telugu television series Nagabhairavi is also similar to her role as Sivagamidevi. Talking about that in her recent interview, Ramya Krishnan said, “Sivagami is one of the most iconic characters I played to date and I think it was a conscious call from the makers of Nagabhairavi to create a role that is just as powerful. People ask me if I’m tired of being compared to Sivagami but on the contrary, it gives me a sense of pride. It’s an actor’s job to get a character into the audience’s minds and if it’s so deeply set in their minds, that means I’ve performed well.”

Ramya Krishnan sports the role of Mahasatvi, the leader of the Nagavamsam. “Like any child who grows up reading fairytales, I’ve always been fascinated with folklore and magic, etc. I can’t wait to see how it materializes onscreen,” she concludes creating curiosity about the series.


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