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Another Chennai Horror: 17-Year-Old Girl Raped & Impregnated!

She was a babysitter and was raped repeatedly by her employer’s brother.

In what is being regarded as yet another shocker in the city, a 17-year-old girl who worked as a babysitter in Chennai was raped multiple times, even impregnated. According to The News Minute, the 32-year-old man named P Vijaykumar, who is a resident of Kavinpuram, Anna Salai, used to frequent his sister’s house in Kilpauk, where the minor girl used to work.

On November 2, the girl fainted and was taken to the hospital, where it was learnt that the girl has been sexually assaulted and was even found to be pregnant. When questioned, she said that Vijaykumar used to rape her often and even recorded videos and pictures of her naked. This scared her, with him raping her often. He used to spike her drink and rape her unconscious, she said.

Soon after this matter reached the police, they forwarded the complaint to the Kilpauk All Woman’s Police Station. Thus far, Vijayakumar has been taken into custody under various sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) and remanded in Puzhal prison.

This case comes on the heels of an 11-year-old girl, who is hearing impaired, who was raped by multiple men in her apartment complex in Chennai. Ravi, a 66-year-old lift operator, would lead the child as soon as she alighted from her school van to the basement, public washrooms, the terrace and gym, where he and other men would rape her. It is believed that since most of the apartments were left vacant, it wasn’t that difficult for the men to sexually assault the 11-year-old girl. Most of these men who had allegedly raped her are the security guards, plumbers, and maintenance staff all from around and in the complex.

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