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All you Need to Know About Alzheimer

Dr. Jacob Roy Kuriakose, Chairman, Alzheimer’s Disease International, explains the illness.

How crucial is it to detect Alzheimer’s early?

It is important to have a diagnosis as early as possible. This helps in planning the management and life ahead. Although the currently available medications are not creative, it will help in maintaining the cognition in the initial stage of the disease.

What are the earliest symptoms that family members should look out for early detection?

Increasing forgetfulness is one of the most important symptoms, which should make the family and friends suspect that something is going wrong.  However, in about twenty percent of cases, behavioural problems may precede memory loss.

Are there any definite signs that indicate that a person will get Alzheimer’s?

There are no physical or racial backgrounds that are associated with this condition. However, people with the presence of the gene APOE4 may carry a higher risk than the general population.

Are Indians less likely or more likely to develop Alzheimer’s compared to citizens of other countries?

Dementia is a global epidemic. It is the consequence of population greying. Along with increase in longevity people become more prone to conditions like dementia. Thus dementia is a global health problem with no significant difference between various countries.

Are there any myths surrounding Alzheimer’s? If so, what are the main ones?

Many people consider to dementia as part of aging. Some see it as a mental disease. In some societies in Asia and Africa people attribute it to some kind of possession by evil spirits.

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