All the pics from our June Cover Shoot with Nithya Menen!

Check out the video here too!

Nithya Menen graces the cover of this month’s issue and the Kanmani has never looked better! Delivering hits like Bangalore days, Mersal, OK Kanmani and more, this bubbly and cute diva shed her usual image to do a sultry Spanish themed one for us and we are overjoyed! Check out the pics below:


The Kanmani that stole hearts all over the state with her cute, girl-next-door image disappears once the camera turns off. With utmost professional compliance, she poses for selfies and gets ready for her next shot. When asked if she is comfortable to start the interview she says she never is but that wouldn’t stop her from giving one as part of her career perks. The one thing that she is not is shy of the spotlight and we learned that during the course of the interview. Wanting to do something different, she settled for a Spanish themed photo shoot that would showcase her sparkling allure with a flirtatious undercurrent.


“In a different life, I must have been Spanish!”

As a dark hue is brushed upon her eyelids, Nithya pats her hair and lets it flow on her shoulders. The result? A perfect Espanola beauty stares right back at her from the mirror. Nithya is equally elated as she squeals, “Look at me! I must have been Spanish in another life! I am so excited to do this shoot because I love the Spanish culture and ever since I visited the country I have become a huge fan. I took a long vacation there some years ago and I think the culture is one of the most authentic and enjoyable ones I have ever experienced. I never do photo shoots and this one was so much fun, I loved the theme and the looks! This shoot has been very special because people see me as this coy, traditional girl and I wanted to break that image of me. I wanted to do something that shows me as I am which is versatile. ” As she smoothens her dress for the photo shoot we notice she pays a lot of attention to detail and is, in fact, a clean freak. Was this a trait from her childhood we ask? Nithya giggles.


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