All The Difference Between a BB Cream And CC Cream You Need To Know!


Most beauty junkies want that flawless base that shows off their radiant skin and complexion. For a quick fix, it’s always best to resort to something that offers a little bit of coverage, the way BB and CC creams do, writes Rashmi Govind.


During summers in India, it can be very hard to find a product that offers a decent amount of coverage and, at the same time, don’t make you sweat too much. Foundations tend to crease and look cakey after exposure to heat. It attracts dirt and grime and can clog your pores. Therefore, foundation isn’t the most appropriate product to use on a daily basis.


Bearing this mind, people often forget the importance of having a base before you apply your make-up. That’s when BB and CC creams come in to the picture. Most often confuse the two and don’t know the difference. BB creams and CC creams offer solutions for different concerns and it’s always best to know what’s suited for your skin.


BB cream is Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. Korean skincare and make-up is all the rage now. It initially gained popularity in Korea. It has a much lighter formulation  than foundation and also has several skin care benefits. Much like a tinted moisturiser, BB creams give a sheerer coverage than most foundations. Most BB creams have a certain amount of SPF and retains moisture. The best part is, BB creams can cater to different skin types. So, whatever may be your need, whether to hydrate or mattify or illuminate, BB creams come to the rescue.


CC cream stands for Complexion Correction cream. CC creams, unlike BB creams, offer a little more coverage and help hide dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to even out your skin tone and reduces the look of discolouration/hyperpigmentation on the face. CC creams fight redness by using an opposite colour to neutralise imperfections.


BB creams, due to their moisturising properties, have a dewy and illuminated finish. Whereas CC creams provide a soft matte finish while hiding imperfections. Both are perfect for work or college and provide a natural look. The ‘no-make- up’ make-up look is the go-to look amongst young professionals these days; it’s easy and fuss free and nothing can help you achieve it better than BB and CC creams.


Both require minimal to no make-up tools for application. One can easily apply the products with their hands and blend it into the skin. You can also use a wet beauty blender sponge to achieve that seamless finish. If you wish to increase the coverage, you can apply a little bit of concealer under your eyes, brow bone and other areas where you have blemishes. The last step to achieve that flawless finish would be to powder your T-zone (i.e across the forehead and down the nose). These areas tend to get oily fast and powdering these areas can help control that. You can easily build the coverage by applying more product in desired areas. The market is flooded with several brands that offer different shade ranges. If you go to the counter at any local beauty store, you will easily find the perfect shade for your skintone.


More than that finished look on your face, strive for that freshness that doesn’t look overdone. Get your BB and CC’s right through based on the weather, your skin shade and all things beauty.

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