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Actor Karthi Says Actresses Should Be Paid As Per Their Market Value

‘Wage gap is present in all sectors’

Tamil actor Karthi Sivakumar has refused to buy the argument that female actors should be paid the same amount as the heroes, saying only market forces determine the price.

He said the gender pay gap is a common phenomenon all around, except in fields such as Information Technology (IT). 'I think it's not just in films, it's everywhere, every part of the society. I think, IT they have matched it up. As far as the film industry goes, you are paid as per your market demand,' Karthi told PTI.
'Like stock market, your value goes up, down. So, a heroine who is doing very well demands whatever market share she pulls, and producers do pay for it. So, we can't say anybody is underpaid or anything because they are paid as per their market value. That's how films work,' he said.

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