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A Sexual Predator And His Most Inappropriate Reasons Will Leave You Angry And Outrageous!

This is very heartbreaking!

This might shock you but several sexual harrassment cases, sexual abuses and even rapes happen within the family but several cases equally go unnoticed because many within the family consider this to be a “false claim” and forbid their own to go against anyone within their circle. Many women are struggling today in such scenarios. One such scenario told by a Facebook page Akkar Bakkar would be this case of a sexual predator who justifies his gruesome act on sexually molesting his own cousin, young 12-year-old and then justifying that on her so-called “provocative clothing”. Here’s his story:

“19 years back, I was only 15  and had just completed my 10th exam from state board and scored 88% of mark which were considered as good that time.

My father who was working in central govt. as commissioner had got transferred to a different city which was 500 kms away from our home town. So I and my father shifted to a different city and my mom, one brother and one sister were staying in our hometown as my brother was doing BTech and sister was doing MBBS nearby.

Meanwhile my father got a govt. quarter- a 5 BHK flat and we both were to stay in that quarter. I got admission in a college in the new city. Things were going great, but later after 3 months one of our relatives discussed with my father and asked him if they could stay with us as they were staying on rent in the same city. So my father accepted and they moved to our quarter.

As she was a little kid she used to roam around in the house either in vest or daily wear clothes. So it was very normal for any 5th standard girl. After one year, when she reached in 6th standard things were not normal. Now as she reached 12 years of age, I noticed many physical changes in her and it was very new for me as my age was around 16 and it’s a really bad age to control yourself.

One day when my uncle went to his shop and aunt was not at home and her sister was not there she came to me and asked, bhai I am unable to solve this, can you help me please? I saw her, she was wearing a vest where her inner parts were clearly visible. I immediately asked her- Anni, go and come to me after 8 pm as I am busy, because I could not see my cousin in that dress. She replied she had more home work to finish and requested me to help her. So, I just solved her problem and went out of my house, and during same night in front of my eyes her picture was coming and I felt bad and said to myself to focus on other things as she is my close cousin.

Later one day, when no one was at home, only me and Anni were there, I asked her to come to my room and she was wearing a pair of shorts and top. I intentionally played with her and held her and later put my hand slowly towards her chest and I felt it and I was not sure if she was aware of my intentions.

After few months, she had turned 13 years and in 7th standard and by the time I had completed my 12th and appeared for engineering . One day in the morning around 9:30AM I saw her coming out after her bath from bathroom with a towel and I knew her sister had gone for coaching, my father  to office, my uncle to his shop and aunt was in different room. I saw her with a towel and went to her room directly. She said why you entered our room while you know I have to change and wear clothes. I did not say anything to her but held her and removed her towel. She was speechless and I was nervous as I was unaware of what I was doing.

As per me, it was neither me nor she who was responsible for what happened to us. Sometimes we are so immature and don’t know what’s wrong or right. After reading this people will say many things about my upbringing and many other things but the fact is, it’s natural and at that age you do not have information what is good or what is bad.

I shared this story because it’s better if we can teach our kids what’s good and what’s not good.

To say that he was not unaware of what he was doing is the most irresponsible answer in the entire story. Gone are those days when little girls could be free, happy and independent. Today they are mere objects to sexual predators, family or not. This story is only proof that men are not taught the right things anymore and women are not being taught that family can be equally dangerous and one must stay alert everywhere!


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