“99 Problems, But Husband Ain’t One” Tamil Serial Actor Shalini Celebrates Divorce With Photoshoot!

A Divorce Photoshoot!

In a country like India, divorce is often considered as taboo, and many women face social stigma as a result. Shalini, an actor from the Tamil serial Mullum Malarum, recently announced her divorce with a photoshoot. The pictures took the internet by storm. 


Actor Shalini has gone viral on social media after she posted pictures from a recent photoshoot. Many have termed it as a ‘divorce photoshoot.’ Reportedly, Shalini divorced her husband and announced the same with the creative photoshoot. She was seen celebrating her divorce. Wearing a red dress and holding the letters “divorced”, she is seen happily posing for the camera. In other photos, she is seen tearing a photo of herself and her ex-husband and also posing with a signboard that reads, “I got 99 problems but a husband ain’t one”. In another another, she happily tore apart a photo which seemed to be from her wedding day.

In the caption she wrote, “A Divorced woman’s Message to those who feel voiceless. It’s okay to leave a bad marriage cause You deserve to be happy and never settle for less, take control of your lives and make the changes necessary to create a better future for yourself and your children. DIVORCE is NOT a FAILURE!!! It’s a turning point for you and to led positive changes in your lives. It takes a lot of courage to leave a marriage and stand alone. So to all my BRAVE WOMEN out there I dedicate this.”


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She also posted another photo saying, “ Thank you for your interest in my recent photoshoot. I want to clarify that I’m not ready to give any interviews at this time. The photos were not taken for publicity but rather to send a message to other women who may be in similar situations. I wanted to use my voice to empower those who may feel voiceless. Thank you for understanding”.   


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Many replied in support of her. “You are one hell of a strong woman,” one user commented. However, not everyone agreed with the idea of celebrating a divorce. “Pls don’t create a trend many people will get divorce and get a photoshoot it’s not good for society delete all the divorce shoot photos,” said another. 

About Shalini:

According to a report, Shalini was married in July 2020. However, the actor reportedly accused her husband of mental and physical abuse a few months ago. Reportedly, they opted for divorce.

Shalini made her screen debut with the TV serial Mullum Malarum. She was last seen in the reality show Super Mom.

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