9 Ways To Keep Your Home Eco-Friendly!

Keeps your den cool all summer!

A few decades ago, being environment conscious meant separating paper from plastic in your recycling bin and buying organic fruits and vegetables that you carried home in a reusable bag. However, these days, there is a lot more you can do to create a greener and healthier home.

As you are aware, your home is where your health begins—making your home green can mean good things for your mind and body. Whether you want to help the environment or just feel good about making a difference to the world, here easy tips and tricks to embrace a greener, environmental friendly surrounding.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle



This may seem like a no-brainer; however it is one of the most difficult tasks to implement. Reduce the use of electricity in your home, buy reusable products as much possible and recycle biodegradable products everyday! People on an average produce up to two kilograms of waste on a daily basis. By making recycling a priority, you can help cut down on what ends up in landfills.

Keep a garden



Not many of us have the greenest of thumbs in the world, but setting up a garden and maintaining it will inculcate a deep sense of appreciation for Mother Nature. Plant a few vegetables or a plethora of wildflowers and revel in the beauty of your lush green space.

Make your outdoors habitable



A part of sprucing up your outdoor living space can also include welcoming birds into your backyard! While you are busy arranging your exquisite lawn furniture, also think about including a few attractive birdhouses, water bowls and feeders to make your garden or backyard an oasis for birds too!

Vintage all the way!



As you are aware, indulging and investing in vintage and second-hand pieces will not only help you reduce your personal consumerism levels, but it will also offer an instant infusion of character into your home. From clothes, furniture to home accessories,buy them all from flea markets and garage sales!

Eco-friendly home decor accessories



Choose absolutely perfect eco-friendly home accessories to decorate your living room, bedrooms, kitchen and even bathrooms. Add those special touches with terracotta vases, cane shelves, organic cotton bed-sheets, biodegradable kitchen napkins and bath towels. There are all sorts of stylish choices available today that are created using environmental materials.

Indoor plants



Growing plants in your home is great for the environment, as they express your desire to be environmentally sound and help process and clean the air inside your home. Place some lush green shrubs in your home (any room of your choice) and breathe in the fresh air!




It may not be an appetising subject to bring up at the dining table; however, it is an imperative step towards living green and healthy. Also, you can create a compost corner in your garden and cut down on the fertilising costs season after season.

Repair it!



Sometimes, it may be tempting to throw out that broken shelf, ripped sofa and faded mats, but instead of getting rid of them, choose to repair them instead—it is a more eco-friendly approach. As you are aware, having an object for a long time increases the sentimentality of it and with time, something ordinary can be transformed into a family heirloom.

Try it!



Don’t expect you or your family to become perfect ‘green’ citizens of the world overnight.One of the most important things anyone can do when attempting to embrace easy green living is to simply stick with it—keep minimalistic goals and follow through with them before adding to them. Over time, you will be living the green life full-time.

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