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8 Ways To Get Ready To Welcome A Puppy Home

All you need to know about pet care!

A dog is a gift, a bundle of unconditional love. Once you bring a furry friend home, it will change your life forever, for the better. While dogs can be ever so loving, they need proper attention and care and these tips will address every aspect of pet care. By Vinita Nayar


It’s easy to fall in love with a cute puppy. But think carefully before you decide to bring the little one home.

With their fluffy fur, cute demeanour, endearing eyes and delightful mischief, puppies can charm even non-dog lovers. Most people who see puppies yearn to take one home as a pet. I remember, when my dog had a litter of seven pups, I had a whole host of people clamouring for the pups. Having briefed each and everyone on what bringing up a pup entails, I gave them away. A couple of weeks down the line, two of the ‘owners’ came back to me and said they were finding it difficult to look after the pups and if I could please take them back.

This is a very common scenario. Many people take pups home thinking it will be just fun and games, not realising that bringing up a pup is like bringing up a child. They need love, attention and plenty of care. And in the initial stages, they are going to poop and pee all over the house. You have to be prepared to clean up the muck and also have the patience to toilet train them. (Toilet training takes anywhere between two to four months.)

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