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8 Ways To Get Ready To Welcome A Puppy Home

All you need to know about pet care!


When choosing a dog breed, factor in your house. Do you stay in a bungalow? A large apartment? Or a small flat? If you live in a small flat, think twice before getting a big dog like a German Shepherd, Doberman or Great Dane. They need space and they need plenty of exercise. It’s cruel to coop them up within the confined space of a flat.

Many people just want a pedigreed dog. They take it home and chain it all day. That’s cruelty of the worst kind. If you can’t give your pup the freedom to roam around and play, if you are worried about your marble flooring, or the puppy messing up your house, it’s better not to take a pup home. Puppies need lots of love and attention. You wouldn’t lock up your baby, would you? Then, how could you chain a little puppy?

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