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8 Ways To Get Ready To Welcome A Puppy Home

All you need to know about pet care!


Ideally, if you are planning to bring a pup home, discuss it with all your family members. Who is going to take responsibility for the puppy or are you going to take turns? If you are planning on bringing a pup home and leaving it alone all day, forget it. Just like human beings, pups need people around – they love company. Left to their own devices, they get bored and as a result destructive. That’s when they chew up your shoes, newspapers and furniture!

Also, puppies need plenty of exercise. Who is going to take the pup for walks? Puppies have a lot of pent up energy and if they are not exercised, they turn destructive. Not only that, if you want to toilet train your dog to ‘go’ outside, they need to be taken out at regular intervals to establish a routine. If they cannot be taken out, they will mess up in the house.

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