8 Waterproof Makeup and Beauty Hacks that Will Keep You Splash-Proof Throughout The Monsoon Season!

Sassy up for the Rains

For all makeup lovers, monsoon is a time of extreme caution, for the rains can spoil your makeup in just under a minute if you don’t take good care. Here is a guide to choose the right makeup tools this season.

If you think your summer makeup staples are good enough for the monsoons, think again. Owing to the humidity in the air and the constant showers of course, adjusting your makeup to suit the weather will go a long way. Also, the colours of monsoons are way different, so you don’t want to use summery colours on your skin this season.

  1. Monsoon brings with it a lot of humidity. Depending on your skin type, use an astringent or a toner to cleanse your skin after using a face wash. It is also advisable to rub your face with ice cubes before putting on the makeup, so that you sweat less and the makeup stays longer.
  2. Instead of regular foundation, opt for mineral powder foundations. These will not run down your face and they will also ensure you don’t have an oily look. If you have too many blemishes which won’t get covered up by powder, then go for light, oil-free foundations, or just use a good concealer.
  3. For the monsoon, it is best to maintain a nude look. Line your eyes with waterproof liner, and use light pinks and nude colours on your lips to keep the makeup to a bare minimum, yet enough to get you good looking.
  4. Here’s what not to do: using mascara. Unless absolutely necessary, keep away from using mascara as much as possible, even if it is water proof, just to be on the safer side. You don’t want to risk looking like you’ve just cried a million tears. Also, stay away from glossy lipsticks, or lip glosses. Matte is best for monsoon time.
  5. Monsoon time is a nightmare for most of us when it comes to managing our hair. Keeping your hair frizz free is quite a daunting task, especially when you have to run to work or college early in the morning. Invest in a good serum, and use it regularly to keep your hair smooth. Do not go overboard with the serum, because it will only leave you with flat, oily hair. Use it in just the right amount according to the length of your hair.
  6. It is best to not leave your hair loose during the monsoon season, at least when you’re out and about. Always keep scrunchies and headbands with you to put up your hair to minimise the damage.
  7. When it comes to makeup for the night, you can use deeper colours for an elegant look. But never use the same colours for the day. Remember, pastels work best for the day during the monsoon season.
  8. A lot of us neglect our makeup applicators. You just might want to rethink that during monsoon. There are many chances of growth of fungus due to humidity. It is therefore very essential to maintain hygiene when handling your makeup applicators and ensure that you always clean them and keep them in a dry place.

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