8 Decor Trends To Invest On In 2020!

Moving in to 2020!

Suraksha Acharya, architect and interior designer at Midori Architects reveals some exclusive home re-styling pointers for this year! Read on and stay on top of the freshest trend updates in the world of decor.

It’s that time of the year again when we make resolutions, set new goals and reinvent ourselves. It’s also the time when many homeowners think about a quick home makeover as they welcome a new year. We have broken down some of the hottest designs, styles, colors, and decor elements that are set to make an impact over the next 12 months! Don’t miss out!

Sustainable Design

An entire generation is turning towards a greener (amplified by Greta Thunberg’s global movement), cleaner and a more planet-friendly lifestyle. Vintage is definitely making a comeback and antique wall signs, décor and accessories in the living room are all the rage. Jump on this trend, shop eco-friendly and be a part of the trendy green wave. Nothing needs to be wasted and everything in your storeroom can acquire a second life with a little DIY creativity!

Textured wall finishes…

Another trend we are ready to embrace is textured wall finishes. Though colour is the first thing we turn to when the home feels lackluster or flat, never underestimate the power of texture. Now more than ever, we see a return to custom-made applications, showcasing craftsmanship as we move into 2020. Introducing texture to space gives a lot of depth and when applied with a flat plaster paddle rather than a roller or brush, the paint will give your walls some three-dimensional wow factor.

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Subtle Luxury

Modern minimalism is everywhere and it’s an easy choice for staging a new interior design concept for the new year.  The trend is towards being clean and luxe, with layers of natural, organic accents within a neutral backdrop. To emulate this trend, try to incorporate subtle patterns, textures, and modern shapes, without ‘trying too hard’—in a rich but casual vibe.

Curves, curves, curves!

A rectangular sofa? So last decade. Nowadays, designers and homeowners are opting for the soft, romantic feel of curved furniture. The ’80s are having a big comeback right now, and while most of the trends from that era are hard to swallow, the tubular forms we’re seeing in furniture take us back to that time and can be really fun and modern if done tastefully. From designer sofas to curved-back armchairs and dining chairs, we’re looking at a curvy road ahead for design! 2020 is the year of the gentle curve as we move away from more rigid, structured, rectilinear styles and towards elegant, curved and asymmetrical pieces.

Classic Blue…

Last week, Pantone named its 2020 colour of the year: Classic Blue. House Beautiful predicted that French Blue was “the new Millennial Pink.” Coincidence? Not really. The world that we live in shapes our tolerance of colours, and it’s no surprise that blue and white seem like a combination made in colour palette heaven. Previews of the year’s furniture show an abundance of blues in every shade, with product and furniture designers treating it as much of a neutral as gray or beige.

 A Dash of Fibre

Cork is the new “it” material and it’s getting more popular due to its versatility and recyclability. Over half of the volume of cork is made up of air, thus rendering it an exceptionally light material. Moreover, cork is completely waterproof and flexible, an excellent sound and heat insulator, and a natural fire retardant. Cork floors have been going strong for years, but think about the possibilities that come with cork furniture, tiling and cork walls! Start small if you feel so inclined with this organic inspiration!

Bold B & W

Black and white is indeed an enduring colour combination that is here to stay! There is an emotional connection with this dynamic duo that always looks modern. It is a trend that echoes minimalism and there is a perfect balance of opposing tones. Get ready to jazz up your living room with geometric pillows of your choice; cushions with tribal prints, for example, will get you there.

Another Year of the Outdoors

The social kitchen connected with the backyard, the lovely dining space that opens into the patio or the spacious living room connected visually with the cityscape in the distance – it is another year where outdoors will wait right outside the interiors.  The emphasis on turning the view into the real showstopper of the living room, while the décor and ambiance plays second fiddle, is the look to aim for in the coming months. Even if you are not blessed with the best of views, try to bring in more natural light and ventilation giving the room a less ‘boxed in’ feel.

This year, enjoy bringing home the best in the new design. Happy decorating!

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