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7 Stereotypes That Women Are Tired Of!

Can someone atleast update them?

We are in the 21st century and the world has evolved to a different level of advancement in technology, lifestyle and culture but certain stereotypical statements have not left us. They’re still around and they will be around. Here’s a few of the most passé statements that the world is not tired of but the women are!


Household chores are for women

In an era where both men and women go to work and earn for the household, household chores are reserved for women alone and expected to consider household chores a noble duty exclusively granted for them. In a world of men and women everywhere, the women are given one-sided rules that favour the opposite gender in every possible way and for centuries, the majority of the world continues believing and imparting the belief that ‘household chores are for women’.

Pregnancy stereotypes in the workplace

For an ambitious woman, it’s a sin to age, a sin to get married and a sin to get pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most difficult phases in a woman’s life not because she is carrying a baby but because she has to resist a lot of non sense from every direction. Either it be a delay in promotions or a salary hike, an easy excuse a woman could hear when pregnant would be “We cannot consider it as you’re pregnant!”. It’s ironical how the world expects woman to multi-task but find reasons to curb their growth at the same time!

Curfews are meant for women

Curfews have been constant ever since women started stepping out of their houses. No matter what’s your age, your work, your marital status or anything. It’s saddening that even the women who are robbed or raped are blamed because they did not follow the so called rule of ‘night curfew’. ‘Curfews’ have been considered like some universal rule that applies to every woman!

Too fat / Too flat

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Body shaming has become an inseparable part of every woman’s life in her day to day life where a set of rules are imposed on her, which aren’t even valid. Body shaming has been in existence for decades that women’s appearances are always compared to the skinny models and actresses whose job requires them to stay skinny but it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s how a woman’s body should be. It’s just that when people want to act smart, they pick up such meaningless statements saying fat or flat!

Why can’t you just cover up?

A woman’s character is determined by the amount of skin that she exposes according to the majority whereas the ugly truth behind this stereotype is that women are judged rather than determined.

All Women Love Gossiping And Shopping

This can be one of the most absurd statements that a woman could hear. There are also other statements like “Women don’t love sports!”, “Girls prefer Barbie dolls over cars and bikes” and many more pointless assumptions. Not all women love shopping and not all girl conversations are ‘gossips’. It’s just that the false belief of women love gossiping and shopping has been deep-rooted in both women and men for ages.

Women wear make-up to impress men

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Whether it’s make-up or clothing, it is worn by a woman who loves herself and wants to adorn herself whereas people think it is for others to love her. A man who doesn’t understand the difference between red and deep red is the one whom a girl is trying to impress with her make-up?

In a world of globalization that has given tremendous exposure to culture all around the continent, certain stereotypes are still sticking and will stick around. And as a woman, be prepared to face it like you smartly deal with every other issue in your day to day life.


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