7 MOST Expensive Fashion Statements From Samantha!

Sam’s collections are lovely!

Samantha is easily the most well-dressed actress in the South film industry today. With her choice of personal clothing and accessories, Sam sure does know how to carry herself well apart from her films. She is also one of the very few women who have a knack for details. We decode some of Sam’s favourite categories’ prices and WOW, they sure are expensive. Here are 7 of Sam’s accessories that literally cost a bomb:

1. Louis Vuitton Cross-Body bag:



Samantha’s latest obsession would definitely be this Pochette Accessoires Box by Louis Vuitton. This crossbody bag costs a whopping Rs. 2,17,000.

2. Gucci Marmont loved



For her family holiday in Spain, the actress was seen fashioning a Gucci Marmont loved sling bag which costs Rs. 1,95,000.

3. Diamond jewellery



Sam’s engagement ring and her hash ring named after her dog are her favourites amongst the collections. While the wedding and the engagement rings have about 25-carat diamonds while the HASH ring has little diamond stones.

4. Gucci Belt



There was once upon a time when Samantha wore this belt for almost all of her promotions. The belt costs a good Rs. 40,000.

5. Dior pumps



Her latest addition to her shoe collection was the DIOR nude slingback pumps and they sure do look great with every dress. These beauties cost about Rs. 1,23,000.

6. Chanel earrings



Sam sure rocked the Chanel earrings pairing it up with a FOREVER 21 shirt and ZARA stripped-pants. The earrings cost about Rs. 2,30,000.

7. A bit of Maison Valentino never hurts



Samantha’s recent favourite after the Gucci belt would be the leather Maison Valentino belt and literally goes with everything including her airport and casual looks. The belt costs about Rs. 72,000.



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