7 Monsoon Must-Haves For The Fashionista In You!

Slay it, girl!

The scorching heat of summer is slowly being replaced by cool winds and the occasional drizzle. Monsoon is here! Here’s a list of things that will make your rainy days better:


1) Midi skirts and culottes

Walking around in the rain can be quite a hassle. If you’re wearing a midi skirt, you won’t have to worry about getting stains from accidentally stepping into puddles. Synthetic culottes are another practical option that’ll help you avoid the icky feeling of your clothes uncomfortably sticking to your skin. In both cases, go for bright colours- they’ll be a vibrant contrast to the surrounding grey!


2) Plastic & bead jewellery

A little water is no reason to stop accessorizing. It’s time to bring out the funky beads and plastic bracelets that have no chance of being damaged by the rain but every chance of brightening your day.


3) Wet wipes

The humidity makes this a necessity. In addition to making you feel fresh, wipes come in handy when you need to clean the sludge from your shoes and clothes.


4) Waterproof make-up

Monsoons are messy, nobody wants to end up looking like they’re auditioning for a horror movie with smudged eyeliner and lipstick. Invest in some waterproof make-up and you won’t ever have to worry about that happening.


5) Waterproof phone covers and bags

Credit: Pop Sugar

These are the essentials. A bag is the ultimate safe place for all your belongings- from your wallet to your phone. But if you’re one of those people who needs to have their phone in their hands at all times, the waterproof phone cover is for you.


6) Jelly shoes

These shoes are made from PVC plastic and come in several styles. They are ideal for wading through the rain and leaping over puddles because of their low maintenance and firm grip.


7) Umbrellas


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