7 Best Colour Combinations Ever!

Fashion on point!

Best pairs are a match made in heaven and this holds good when it comes to your wardrobe as well. Here is a list of duos that always work well together whatever the occasion may be.

Every woman is different and unique in her own way. However, there are certain pairs of clothing that looks good on any woman regardless of her body type. These fusions are a must-have for any closet and have been so for ages. When you feel like you have nothing to wear and you are having one of those panicky moments, find a blouse from one end and a skirt from the other to make a winning combination. Use the following cues to help you understand the dynamics of arriving at the perfect mixed double:


Bright White & Baby Blue 

We all know that denims are a girl’s best friend. However, you need to find the right companion for your worn-out, faded, light blue denims. For the much-needed sophistication and well-styled appeal, pair your favourite jeans with a crisp white shirt. Tuck in your shirt if you like, to mean all business, without giving away your super cool attitude. For a more fun occasion, like a walk in the park, go for a white tee and a pair of well-fitted denim shorts; it’s a timeless mishmash that always works!

 Style notes: Keep your denim skinny or straight. Let the white shirt be loose by a size or two.


Formal Friends 

A formal shirt and a high-waisted pencil skirt that drops till the knee or just below the knee is the perfect formal outfit for every woman. For an added feminine appeal, pair the skirt with a sleeveless shirt or ones with frilly patterns on the sleeves and the collar. And to complete your look, throw in a pair of pencil heels. When you look good, you feel good and your office is the best place for you to feel good.

 Style notes: Pair it with a peplum top. Strap on a skinny belt. Try not to pair a pencil skirt with flats.

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