6 Ways To Get Your Home Rain Ready!

Monsoon’s here!


Chimes and Chains

Rains are often accompanied by the breeze that is soothing to the mind and soul. Adding rain chains, bells, wind chimes in your d├ęcor – in your balcony or garden you can make sure that the breeze greets your senses in more ways than one. Add flowers to your home as they are easily available and brighten the space. Adding rain chains to the gutters lining the sloped roofs adds a beautiful melody to the pitter patter of the rain, adding to the atmosphere most rains leave us with.

From the rain kissed green of the leaves to the tranquil blue of the cloudless sky, from the bright warmth of yellow to the sophisticated shades of turquoise you can play with a huge array of colours to enliven your home. Team these with easy to maintain, light upholstery and your home is all set to welcome the rain in style.




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