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6 Must Visit Destinations For The Solo Traveler!

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Thimphu, Bhutan

Hospitality runs deep in the lush green veins of this country. And that makes it a totally traveler-friendly zone. All you need to do is sign up with a local travel guide and he will take care of all the arrangement of travel and stay. Hands on travellers can request an advance itinerary to get an idea of the kind of sightseeing and stay that is involved.

In Thimphu, the places to see are the government office, the golden Buddha Dordenma, the ThimphuChorten or memorial for warriors. Prayer wheels and butter lamps will be a standard through all these places.

Bhutan practices restrictive tourism to conserve the wild and natural flavour of the country. Being a small country, handling hordes of tourists going all over the place also gets a bit tricky. So Bhutanese have clearly marked spaces where tourists are allowed.

“We want all travellers to feel safe in Bhutan, women included,” says tour-operator Ajay Lama from Thimphu, “that’s why we have certain rules in place. Like, for getting a permit to Bhutan a woman traveller should always register through a guide. It is only so that we know someone in our country is looking out for her.”


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