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6 Lies That We Believed All Our Lives!

Busting heath myths!

Like traditions, myths have been passed on to us for generations. It doesn’t matter where the information comes from – your roommate, a blog or the neighbor. It may not be 100 percent true. Dr Sheela Nambiar sets the record straight and busts these common myths.  


Being in Cold Atmosphere will Give you a Cold

You are sure to feel cold if you are in cold weather, but feeling cold doesn’t affect your immunity. Any other factor along with the weather or your immunity already being on the lower side might make you sick. But by being in a cold place, one does not fall ill.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

If your intention is to keep away from the doctor, then blueberries have been found to be more effective. They are rich in anti-oxidants and extremely high in nutritional value. So, apple along with some other fruits may prevent some chronic diseases but an apple alone cannot.

Starve a fever, Feed a Cold

Eating lesser calories during a fever can bring down your body’s capacity to fight the virus. In earlier days, they believed that fasting would cure fever since the body wouldn’t need extra energy to break down food and this is untrue. Eat healthy the next time you fall ill, because the body needs the food for it to be converted into energy.

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