6 Items Every College Student Must-Have In Their Bags!

Take notes!

If you have these must-haves, then you’re good to go!

1) Chapstick

Keep your lips hydrated and soft with a chapstick of your choice. Flavoured chapsticks with a hint of colour are perfect for everyday use; they’ll make your lips pop without the stickiness that comes with lipsticks and lip glosses.


2)  Rollerball perfume

Easy to carry, easy to use- rollerball perfumes are the most practical option to keep you fresh and fragrant all day long. Apply a little bit on your pulse points once every few hours.


3) Wet Tissues

From wiping off smudged makeup to tackling surprise stains, you never know when you’ll need them. Better safe than sorry.


4) Mini hairbrush

With all that tedious travelling, your hair is bound to get tangled and messy at some point. All you need to do to look as good as new is run a brush through your hair a few times. Mini brushes are perfect for the job and hardly take up any space.


5) Sanitizer

In addition to maintaining hygiene, sanitizers function as emergency deodorants. They’re also great for removing the sticky residue left by labels and cleaning phone screens (add a dab of sanitizer to your handkerchief and gently wipe your screen, the result will not disappoint).


6) Pen liner/ kohl

Applying a full face of makeup every day may not be feasible but everyone’s got the time for some eyeliner or kohl. For a natural, minimalistic look, all you have to do is apply a thin line. You can also experiment with different colours according to your skin tone.

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