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6 Beautiful Places that Glow in the Dark!

Add these places to the bucket list now!!

Growing up watching all the Disney Movies, we’ve all wanted to visit and experience certain magical and mystical places in our lives. But, we might have stalled this wish for reasons like budget and whatnot. One such prominent reason is the misconception that these destinations may not be in India.

Busting this, we have curated a list of  6 stunning Indian places that glow in the dark letting you live your Disney Dream IRL.



West Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya

West Jaintia Hills is home to the species named Roridomyces Phyllostachys. This fungus emits its own light—a phenomenon known as bioluminescence, hence it is also called “Electric Mushrooms”. The Tourists crowd in the nights in these forests to witness this  Avatar movie-like picturesque scenery. The best months to visit this place is from March to June.



Mattu Beach in Karnataka

Beaches have always been a must-visit to all, especially in the evenings and weekends. How about taking a walk alongside glowing waves? Sounds magical right? Yes, the Mattu Beach in Karnataka satisfies this fantasy of ours. The glow is due to Bioluminescence which is the production and emission of light by living organisms like Noctiluca or Sea Sparkle. These organisms exhibit bioluminescence when disturbed. The best time is to visit this beach in the evening or early night to enjoy this light along with Starlight.



Purushwadi Forest in Maharashtra

Do you love insects? Do you love the woods? Do you love Pav Bhaji? Yes, Yes, and Yes? Then, this one’s for you. Every year the Purushwadi village hosts the Fireflies Festival that caters to Tourists all over the world. We can find over 2ooo species of Fireflies here. These insects fire up as a sign of the beginning of their mating season which serves as eye candy for us the visitors. You must definitely binge on the yummy Marathi cuisine available here like Pav Bhaji, Puran Poli, etc. The best time to visit here is the mating season of these insects i.e. between May and June.



Juhu Beach in Maharashtra

Mumbaikars your Juhu does glow in the night too! This as mentioned earlier is caused by the Bioluminescence phenomenon which is the production and emission of light by living organisms like Noctiluca or Sea Sparkle. These organisms exhibit bioluminescence when disturbed. The best time to visit this beach is after 8 pm at the night.



Ahupe Village in Maharashtra

Ahupe is a quaint village located near the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, where the forests shine at night. The Bioluminance is because of a fungus called Mycena that glows when exposed to excessive moisture. It grows on wet rotting barks, leaves, and roots of the trees in this forest   The best time to visit the forest is during the monsoon between July to September since the humidity levels are high at that time.



Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa

This is a go-go for all you travelers looking to explore off-beat places to avoid crowds in Goa. Just like the Ahupe Mushrooms, these Goan Mushrooms shine brighter as they are a species of Mycena fungi. The best time to visit these glowing gardens is from June to October.


So, why wait when you can get your Cinderella shoes all ready to explore these mysterious and mystical adventures.

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