5 Weird Nail Arts Taking Over Social Media This Season!

So creepy!

Gone are those days when peak nail art was a French Manicure with a twist. Or black nail paint with white polka doubts and other benign-looking designs. However, with several products offering you enough reasons to treat your nails as a canvas, several nail estheticians now are going beyond the norm and trying out all things bizarre. Some are loud, some are innovative, and some are downright creepy.


Nails that look like teeth



A Russian-based nail art chain began this creepy trend of having your nails resemble teeth. Forget nails that scratch, these nails bite!



Mosquito Nail Art


You read that right. This weird trend has people taking real dead mosquitoes and encasing it on their nails. Why do people try it is a question no one knows the answer to.



Pimple Nails



Apparently, there’s a section of people who love popping pimples with the whole pus oozing out. And there’s a section of people who get really creeped out. To freak out the latter, a YouTuber decided to do a step-by-step DIY guide on this pimple nail art. While the pus isn’t real, it sure does look it and works well for Halloween.

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