5 Ways To Shop Smart And Happy!

Be a responsible shopaholic!

Just the word ‘shopping’ is enough to crank anybody’s adrenaline. The sight of slashed prices only fuels this further. Shop smart with these easy-to-remember tips to make it a fine experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Make a list

Overspending or buying unnecessary things has its roots in unplanned shopping. Before you set out, draw up a list of things that you really need. This not only helps in saving time but also your hard earned money.

Define your boundaries

Frame a realistic budget and resolve to stick with it, however exciting the sale offers.

Beware of anxiety shopping

Shopping is as they say, retail therapy; a great way to unwind after a stressful day. But beware of this seemingly relaxing activity. Shopping when stressed can make you overshoot your budget. Keep your shopping list handy!

The Buddy System

Have a friend who also suffers from the excessive shopping syndrome? Tag together and keep tabs on each others’ expenses; you will both have your personal spending guard to pull you away from exorbitant indulgences.

 Say ‘No’ to Plastic

Avoid swiping credit or debit cards as much as possible. You will only pay more than you really need to, considering the recent revision in taxes! Cash helps cut back on the splurging; the very act of pulling out notes will also keep you mindful of the outflow from your wallet.



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