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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer!

Dogs need your help.

B39M9F Labrador Retriever - lying in front of a small blower

Summers in most parts of India are searing hot. And I learnt my lesson the hard way – you do NOT take your dogs out for drives during this time. This is a time when your dog should be inside the house, not outside. Ideally with the air-conditioner on. I didn’t know that cars heat up rapidly – a closed car can heat up to 45 degrees in just ten minutes. I was lucky that I spotted Hotdog bleeding and took him to the vet immediately. I remember a terrible case when I was visiting the vet once. A pet owner couldn’t find their dog for hours. When they finally did, he was lying in their car, dehydrated and close to death. Someone had left the car door open and he had jumped in. The door must have shut and trapped him inside. By the time they brought him to the vet, it was too late to save him.

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