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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer!

Dogs need your help.



But it’s not just about cars. Summer is a time you need to take extra care. Here are some tips to ensure your dog is safe and hydrated during summer

Always keep your dog indoors during the day. If you do not let your dog into the house or have a kennel for her, you need to ensure that there is a cool place on your veranda for her, a place with shade and breeze.

Make sure your dog is hydrated. Always check the water bowls to ensure there is water. Ideally, give him cold water. If you are going out, have not one but multiple bowls of water. Remember, some dogs tend to knock the water over, so it makes sense to have several bowls in different parts of the house. If you plan to take your dog out with you, carry a collapsible water dish.

Do not walk your dog during the day. If you plan on taking him for a long walk, do so early in the morning – around sunrise – or in the night. Daytime walks will dehydrate him. Not only that, the roads and pavements are very hot and can cause his paws to burn, and even bleed.

Go easy on the exercise. You need to cut the amount walks or ball throwing during this time. Just like we exercise less in summer, it’s the same for our furry friends. Often, when playing ball or tug with dogs, they are so excited that they don’t know or realise when they are tired and dehydrated. It’s up to us to ensure that they exercise in moderation.

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