5 Ways To Care For Your Skin This Winter!

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It’s that time of the year when the temperature starts to drop and the air becomes chilly. While it is a beautiful time to rejoice, winters are not great for our skin. Here are simple hacks to adopt in this weather to prevent skin damage and glow like the moon even during the murky weather.

  1. Honey is very helpful during winters. Eating, drinking and applying- all forms of intake are very beneficial for the skin. It’s a brilliant moisturizer. Apply honey on your face and rinse after 10-15 minutes. In addition to the moisture, your skin will get a natural glow.
  2. For those with extremely dry skin, glycerin is a saviour in this dry and cold weather. Glycerin offers more than moisture, it soothes dry and irritated skin and also helps banish wrinkles.
  3. Indulge in natural oils. According to your skin type and needs, you can consult a skin expert and get an oil for your face and skin. Apply overnight to get best results when you wake up.
  4. Once in a while, take the cream from the milk and use as a face mask. This will reduce tan plus gives the skin the required moisture in winters.The lactic acid in milk helps exfoliate and accelerates collagen production.
  5. While a long, hot water bath is great during winters, avoid it like the plague. These damages the skin more than anything, as it takes away all the moisture. Treat your skin by adding a few drops of coconut oil to the bath water.

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