5 Ways To Power Dress Like A Boss!

Slay girl!

Power dressing originated in the 20s and 30s when women decided to take matters in their own hands. They ditched their flouncy skirts, corseted waists and long hems to switch to more practical and bold attires. This gave birth to the famous “power shoulders” or the “box silhouette” in womenswear. The oversized shoulders or the pantsuits were all designed to give women a look that replicated a man’s. But today, the game has changed. Power dressing is different now. To put it simply, power dressing has a whole new meaning for the woman of today and Varsha Abhay helps you decode that.

It began with trying to dress like a man but today the definition of power dressing has evolved. From padded oversized shoulders we have moved to handwoven sarees, from tailored boxy blazers to pretty peasant tops, style and fashion have changed for the good. Here are 5 looks that are simple yet powerful for the woman on the go :

  • Handloom sarees: Sarees are timeless, they are flattering and they are our nation’s fashion staple. Most working women dress themselves in sarees. It’s a sign of our tradition plus a way to denote authority. Whether it is our honourable Defence Minster, Nirmala Sitharaman or Textiles Minister, Smriti Irani, you will always see them clad in a crisp elegant saree. These days , with the promotion of handwoven or handloom materials, sarees in linen, khadi, cotton, tussar are all over the market.


  • Smart casual: Women are excelling in every field, whether it is banking or fashion, food or corporate. And with the different areas of expertise, comes a different dress code. And also with so many women entrepreneurs in the country, office wear becomes slightly casual. Trousers have taken a backseat and cotton dresses have gained popularity. It’s all about comfort yet authority.


  • Semi-formal : While one might argue that casual and semi-formal might mean the same, here is the breakdown. A woman working in the corporate sector cannot necessarily wear a dress to work. Here is where semi-formals come into play. Khaki trousers, chinos, pencil skirts., etc are considered semi-formal when paired with an office-appropriate top. Shirts are the norm but these days peasant sleeve blouses or solid colour tops can also we worn. Make sure the tops are of the right length; cropped or a see-through top is not advisable for office wear.


  • Print in Office : Friday dressing is becoming more and more popular these days, especially with the startup culture. The weekend calls for a chilled out look but not all the way to party. So prints are just the right way to bring in that weekend vibe. Small florals or ditzy print, checks or stripes, there are innumerable prints that are right for work wear.


  • Skirts : Movies usually depict a working woman as someone who is invariably dressed in a pencil skirt. Skirts of the right length, fit and colour can be worn to work but most women avoid it because of the choice of commuting to work. You could wear a simple well-fitted skirt that falls below the knee teamed with a smart crisp shirt. It gives you a very classic, ladylike appearance and certainly brings with a tone of seriousness to show authority and power.


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