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5 Times Ola Cabs Made News For The Wrong Reasons!

To Ola or not?

Ola cabs is one of the fastest growing app based taxi services in India. Ola which was launched in 2010 has grown steadily for the past 6 years and is currently valued at 500 crore rupees. However this tremendous amount of success does not come without it’s own share of mistakes and glitches. 


Customer Charged 9 lakh for a trip!

Recently a customer got a heart attack when he was charged Rs. 9.15 lakh after his trip from Jubliee Hill to Nizamabad in Hyderabad. Ola had introduced their Out station trips recently and when the customer checked for his ride estimate, it was approximately Rs. 5000 but when he reached his destination the amount was Rs. 9 lakh. Even the driver was shocked and when contacted Ola they found it was a glitch and the customer was billed Rs. 4812.


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