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5 Themed Parties You Can Do With Your Girl Gang!!

The best way to enjoy this cozy weather is being indoors with your girl squad and planning a party will be absolute fun and memorable. When it comes to house parties theme can be a great way to bring celebration to life. Stunning decor and drapery, props and lighting, can transform your house into a perfect spot for partying. Here are 5 amazing themes to party with your girl gang.

By Ancy Donal

  1. Retro theme

Everyone loves a good dress-up party so why not get everyone to come dressed in the fashion of the 80s or as one of their favorite movie stars or celebrities of the decade. Get some cool 80s inspired playlist as well as some brightly colored mocktails for them to drink whilst dancing the night away to cheesy pop music.



  1. Arabian Nights Theme

Pic: Pinterest

This theme brings a Moroccan feel to your party, combined with some succulent and juicy foods, can result in a truly memorable event. Try out some shimmery clothes mostly like the shinning traditional Arabian outfit, Bedlah.  Deck out the place with some Moroccan style furnishing like lanterns, carpets, pots and more to give a party feel.



  1. Charlie’s Angel Theme

Go wild for the Charlie’s Angel theme, try to make it cool and trendy. Dress up in suits or gowns and Charlie’s Angel inspired clothing with Tommy guns and pistols. Get some super cool decors and foods and even try the playing the theme music of the film or similar ones.



  1. Beach Theme

Colorful floral design clothes paired with trendy flip flops along with cool shades and fancy accessories like seashell or flower garlands are a perfect way to get yourself ready for this theme. Furnish the place with some palm leaves, shells, beach tables, chairs and umbrellas and some cocktails to make the best-themed party.



  1. Pirates Theme

Pic credit: Pinterest

To get the pirate theme right you have to get dressed in bright miss matched colors of breeches and trousers with belts and buttons along with Monmouth caps and accessories like bracelets, chains with skulls. Braids and ribbons and weapons are an add on to pirate clothing. The can be furnished with ship flags ship wheel, skulls, barrels and many more to bring the essence of the theme.

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