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5 Simple Ways You Can Break The Stigmas Surrounding Periods!

Let’s talk boys!

Period is a natural phenomenon and not something that has to be discussed behind closed doors. It is time we speak up and speak out LOUD! Here are five simple things you can keep in mind to help resolve the awkwardness that surrounds periods.

Let them see: When you buy your sanitary napkin in the pharmacy the first thing they ask you is “Should I wrap it up with a newspaper?”. The newspaper wrapping is followed by putting it inside a black plastic bag. Calm down people, it isn’t a nuclear weapon we are carrying. It is okay for people to see someone walk on the road with a sanitary napkin pack, just like how it’s okay to catch a person walk back from the grocery with a loaf of bread.

 Stop keeping nicknames: Hey, you have that right? I meant that one. Hey, you have a pa….,Periods come with their own set of ways of telling you got them, from Girl Flu, Shark Week to The Time of The Month”. Your periods are not Lord Voldemort, he who must not be named. Just say it – I have periods. Just ask for it – do you have a pad?

Awareness is for the boys and girls: You know that session in middle school where all boys are asked to leave the class, doors are closed and then there is a presentation on periods followed by how to use a pad. Each student is also given a sanitary napkin, which she shoves inside her pocket nervously makes her way to her bag and dumps it inside before any boy from class can catch a glance of it. Just why? I wish the whole presentation took place while the boys were seated among us girls. Making us all understand that it is a natural phenomenon and not an awkward one.

Ask for help: Do you need someone to buy you a sanitary pad? Do you want someone to check your back for stains? Don’t shy away from your guy friends or the men in your family to reach out for help. You don’t have to ask them to go fetch your girl pals to do the favor.

Have the talk: Most men don’t know much about periods or the science behind it. If they understand how a woman’s body works, periods will become just another body mechanism to them. Dear men, do not shy away to ask about periods to the women you know. If you’ve got questions, please ask away. And dear women don’t feel awkward to talk about it.

While you’re at it , have you watched our hilarious yet thought provoking video on “Girls Should Not Talk About Periods”. We are sure you will relate to it.



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