5 Simple tricks to retain that Youthful Glow

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Everyone loves to stay young. Protecting yourself from harmful chemicals, getting enough sleep, relaxation and exercise will all help. However, there should be some attention that one must pay to the type of makeup you use. Here are five simple tips on how to retain that youthfulness through makeup.

1. Keep a check on your foundation
Applying foundation is essential, one has to keep in mind as to the amount that goes into it. The result should be visible natural skin tone. Instead of piling on layers try taking a less-is-more approach. Focus on areas that need attention such as redness, dark circles, pigmentation, broken capillaries, and uneven skin tone. People of different age groups should all have a different approach to the foundation. For teenagers, the foundation has to be light. For people in their 20s, they can step it up a notch and use a sheer light foundation. For women in their 30s and 40s, a mattifying primer is needed to prep the skin before applying a liquid foundation. Older women should aim for a dewy and hydrated foundation rather than anything too matte so that it doesn’t set in any fine lines.

2. Use thick concealer to hide dark circles
A lot of women worry about dark circles. So instead of choosing a thick, opaque cream concealer, opt for a liquid one with light diffusing qualities. It is recommended that you let the concealer sit for a minute to heat before massaging it in.

3. Limit your eyeliner use
Eyeliners are to get that awed look. Although applying eyeliner to underneath the eye has been a trend. Instead, women should use a soft pencil in a lighter shade of brown, grey or navy. Line it with mascara and it will make your eyes look smaller.

4. Blush it well
Blush is used to add a youthful glow to people’s complexions. However, putting it too low can draw attention to the lack of volume. Instead use it higher on the cheekbones, sweeping on an upwards and outwards motion. Also, pay some attention to the shade you chose. The colour should not be too soft or bright. A flattering shade for most is a neutral rose pink.

5. Lighten up those lip gloss
When people age, the skin around their lips develop tiny creases. This is also a side effect of putting slippery and bright lip gloss. Try a good liner, otherwise, opt for a cream or matte formulation with just a dab of gloss in the center.

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