5 Items From Your Wardrobe To Never Part Ways With !

Update your wardrobes!

Fashion is definitely all about change, moving with the times, adapting to new ideas and zeitgeist- the mood of the world! But we also know that there are a few items of clothing that you cherish, maybe because of a memory or just the simple thought that its flattering on you. While some of these pieces of your wardrobe should see the trashcan when the trend is out, there are a few classics that do not need to ever be parted ways with.

Here are 5 Things that you can hold on to till it stands the test of time:



The perfect pair of jeans: Finding the right fit of denim jeans is a painstaking process, but in the bargain of all these years if you’ve happened to actually lay your hands on something that fits you like second skin, its a keeper. Sometimes, the brand or the colour or even the age of denims do not hold any weight-age when it comes to fit. Jeans are all about the fit, from your tush to your thighs and ankles.

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