5 Fashion Trends For Men This December 2018!!

Here’s a quick handy guide!!

Parties and weddings, December is the month and the season for the most happening events. And this season’s latest trends are minimal, stylish and in every man’s wardrobe already. The trends are such that you can choose to take a neutral route or head down a flashier road. Khaki pants, corduroy shirts, monotone ensembles, Bandgalas and the classic black suit, all feature in this month’s hottest trends list. 

Gone are the days when men’s fashion was limited to just a few basic elements of clothing. Now with fashion awareness and more men wanting to ditch the regulars for more fashionable ones, the market for menswear is ever-expanding. Experimenting with new colours, fabrics and prints has become the norm.

While not most of them want to look like the flashy Ranveer Singh, a few looks of his are pure swag. South Indian film industry has its own share of fashionable and well-dressed men. Take for instance, Mollywood actor Dulquer Salman – his style is luxurious, trendy and always on-point. Taking inspiration from these stylish men and more, here are the top 5 trends that you can rock this fabulous season.

  • Monotones

Monotones or simply, single tone outfits are a current favourite in men’s fashion. All denims, all blacks, all beige or all greys are the safest way to sport the trend. But if you’re feeling adventurous, then purple, orange, green or even yellow, all the rainbow colours are yours to steal. But steer clear of going all the way in with same colour shoes and accessories. Ranveer Singh is an inspiration for this one, wherein he certainly does not shy away from going all the way with just one colour. While a personality like him can carry an outfit that is bold, it’s safe to put your bet on a more neutral colour and play it down with accessories.


  • The Classic Black Suit

Sharp, tailored and uber-flattering, the black suit is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Invest in a good tailored suit for this will last you for forever. A simple way to find the right fit is by the fitting of your shoulders first. Accessorising the suit is an important style element. A classic black looks best with a white shirt but you can surely choose other shades to bring that pop of colour. If it’s a morning event, pick light shades or small prints, and if attending a function in the night, then dark reds, blues and purples are your best bet. A good suit is like a good investment, guaranteed to give you returns.


  • Corduroy

Corduroys are a season special; trousers, shirts and jackets, all are the current rage. It’s a heavy fabric and hence, ideal for the south winters. Opt for a neutral colour corduroy trouser and pair it with a printed shirt, or pick a solid dark colour one and pair it with a crisp white shirt. The season’s hot favourites are burgundy and olive green. Corduroys are great as office wear too. They have the look of formal wear and the comfort and relaxed fit of casual wear. It is versatile and an easy trend to perfect this season.


  • Bandgalas

Well, it’s wedding season after all. Bandgalas are a great fusion of Indian and western wear. Wear it with trousers and make it formal, wear with Jodhpur pants and make it stylish or wear with a dhoti and go all out. Like the suit, the tailoring of the bandgalas is very important. The length of the bandgala depends on one’s body type. But the ideal length would be where your hands end when on the side. Fancy buttons, a pocket square, cuff links, there are innumerable ways to style this royal outfit.


  • Khakis

Most men are comfortable wearing denims for most part of their day, one because it is comfortable and two, because it is versatile. Same goes for the khaki pants; they are practical and high on comfort with the added bonus of being very stylish. You can switch from a casual look to a more formal one with just a change of shirt and shoes with khakis.


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