5 comfort clothing styles perfect for your happiness

Comfort clothing is a mood!

Each of us has our take on fashion. Few of us prefer wearing a beige trench coat to look glam and get our Instagram feed rocking and a few of us prefer wearing a traditional saree with a twist of modernity. Whatever our go-to fashion piece maybe, one type of clothing that has all our hearts is Comfort clothing.

As the name suggests, it is a type of clothing that works based on each one’s comfort. Comfort to one may mean wearing a pajama and binging on their favorite Netflix series or wearing a comfortable tee and jeans and going to work for the other. It has no clear-cut definition. It can include both physical as well as mental comfort. This style gained pretty high traction, especially during the lockdown.

The pandemic taught us comfort for fashion and health for everything. So, in lockdown, we went creative with clothes that we generally don’t term fashionable. We even had our very own personalized runways at homes to flaunt our pajamas and whatnot. Comfort clothing is highly recommended at it gives not just a great deal of mental and physical happiness but also fashion goals.

Here’s a list of a few trendy clothing pieces that scream fashion-comfort glam:


Pajamas are the go-to home wear for most of us but now especially after lockdown, we realized it’s true liberation. Pajamas are a two-piece outfit that has a top and a bottom that can be either a pant or a trouser. It comes in a variety of materials but the most common material used  is Cotton. The highlight of this fashion piece is that it lets us match our Pajama tops with a jean and create a whole new fashion look from our closet.

The trend of 2021: Satin pajama suits




The co-ords are back in trend. Co-ords are just an upgraded and fashionable version of our tracksuits. It is a two-piece consisting of a top and a pant/skirt/short matching the top with either the same style, color, or design. This piece sometimes comes even with a boyfriend jacket or coat.

The trend of 2021: Monotone co-ord suits




All things tie-dye is all things comfortable. Tie-dye dresses and tees are the must want of every girl. The creative designs and freedom to play with this colorful and vivid piece screams joy and happiness. Tie-dyes are generally done at homes to give a makeover to our old-plain boring T-shirt. The latest trend in town is that we can even use natural dyes to paint these t-shirts. Tie-dye tees are so versatile that they go with every bottom type there is.

The trend of 2021: Tie-dye maxi dress



Casual tees:

Tees are so chic yet simple that can be paired up with any fashion accessory. These t-shirts come in a regular fit or an oversized boyfriend fit. It has a wide range of styles, sleeveless, turtle-neck, high necked, sleeved, etc.

The trend of 2021: Boyfriend/Oversized Graphic tee




One piece of clothing that goes with every occasion is this all-time favorite piece of every fashion lover. Over the years, jeans have been evolved both by comfort and style. There are several styles in a jean, a baggy, high-waisted, cigarette cut, boot cut, just loads of love for us to choose from. It comes in a several colors and materials such as denim, cotton, etc.

The trend of 2021: Slim-boot cut denim jean

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