5 Celebrity looks in Jewel tone colours!

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This year, monotone colours took us by storm when the vibrant array of jewel-toned outfits made its way to our wardrobe. What are jewel-tones you ask? Well, as the name suggests, they are simply colours that reflect the tonality and exuberance of gemstones. They are richly saturated hues, a contrast of intense colours you can wear with neutral shades to spark the perfect colour storm. Knowingly or unknowingly, our constant pursuit of making celebrity style easy and accessible with ample inspiration all around, these rich jewel tones have taken on a new dimension and wearing such block colours have never been more easy.

Precious stones have a way of signifying a status of authority and hence, the spirituality of jewel tones make up for your ultimate wardrobe aesthetics.

And just like that, we have for you a curated list of jewel-toned looks to help you venture into 2023 in absolute style.


1) Emerald Green

Thanks to all the statement appeal made by the emerald green outfits, this jewel-toned beauty is sure to down in the fashion hall of fame as one of the most flamboyant of styles. Much like the one you see actresses like Tamannaah wear, emerald dresses are striking, extravagant and at the same time, maintains an paralleled level of elegance.

2) Topaz Yellow

Topaz is a colour that remains special for all the right reasons. It is subtle, beautiful and creates a vibe that is oh so cheerful. Yellow as we know is a happy colour and rightfully so, wearing Topaz, brings about a smile even on the gloomiest of days.


3) Amethyst Purple

Nowadays, a colour that is constantly seen on celebrities is a gorgeous, bright amethyst or pink coloured jeweled tones. This by default has become the new ‘it’ colour of the fashion industry. Keeping style simple with a casual amethyst dress, you can throw on a tailored jacket and you’ve got yourself a look that’s worth being the talk of the town. And if you’re feeling a bit traditional, get yourself into a monotone amethyst saree with a minimal makeup look an some subtle accessories and you’re sure to slay any occasion.


4) Garnet  Red

From local celebrities to Hollywood superstars, whether it’s for a fabulous red carpet event or just a casual cocktail soiree with your girls, garnet is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. It is a style quite close to one of those prom/party dresses every girl dreams of and for that very reason, this colour has our heart.

5) Sapphire Blue

Associated with serenity and royalty, it is the best choice to add on with other contemporary jewel tones if you’re in the mood for some fashion adventure. If you’re looking to add some texture into your Sapphire blue look, mix it with some velvet to give a darker sheen.

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