4 Types Of Oils For Luscious, Shiny Hair!

Oils any day.

Need a way to de-stress, kick back and be pampered? Try an oil hair massage. There is nothing as relaxing as letting someone else take care of you and bonus points for luscious, shiny hair!

Sitting back and letting someone give you a hair massage is one of those decadent luxuries that everyone should experience at least once. These massages usually encompass the scalp, neck and shoulders – some of the biggest points of stress in your body.

There are several oils that are used in hair massages such as Moroccan oil, almond oil, olive oil and the more generic coconut oil. Different oils are used for different hair types and textures.  Whether your hair is frizzy or smooth – an oil massage will be beneficial.

Scalp massages are beneficial because they remove the dead follicles of hair and this enables the growth of new hair. These massages also increase the blood circulation and increase the hair growth. It is essential to massage the oil in with both your hands for maximum effect.  It is recommended that you do a hair massage once in two weeks. 

Moroccan oil is good for hair that is frizzy, rough, thick and unmanageable; almond oil is perfect for customers with hair fall problems; olive oil is a great booster for dull and damaged hair, especially for hair that has been exposed to a lot of dye and color.


Moroccan Oil: Cuts out the frizz in the hair and makes it soft and manageable. It acts as a de-tangle agent and makes your hair luxurious and easy to handle. In the long run, the usage of this kind of oil reduces the amount of hair fall that a user may experience.

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