4 Tips To Be Economically Fashionable!

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Fashion and branding have become synonymous in today’s world. Everything from I – pad cases to humble tea coasters proudly flaunt a brand name and logo. The product often fades into the background while the brand and logo take the center stage.Like the age old adage goes, there really is no free lunch and brands bring with them heavy price tags. But fashionistas with limited budgets trying to look like a million bucks need not fret. Chiconomics is all about being fashionable, and maybe even one step ahead without denting your wallet or being”economically chic”.

Chiconomics also brings with it the added high of being unique and creative, while adding your own personal touch along the way. As every aspiring fashionista worth her Jimmy Choo knows, big fashionable and stores are ubiquitous but quirky and one of a kind product are harder to snare. Do not despair if you dig Rihanna’s look, but don’t have the money to spare. We are going to teach you how to be a glamazon on a budget. Here are the four pillars of chiconomics.



Do it yourself (sometimes take a little help) or DIY is the bedrock of chiconomics. Most things can be made at home or with the help of a tailor, if you let the creativity flow and have a knack for sourcing the raw materials required. Love that summer dress on that magazine cover? All you got to do is take a picture, WhatsApp it to your tailor, take his or her suggestions and go down to your fabric store. Most cities have several stores which stock a mindboggling array of fabric at reasonable prices. Most tailors can make a wide range of clothes at reasonable prices and this personal tailoring is a service that costs the sun, the moon and the stars in other countries. Every time you travel, pick up little things like colourful tassels, buttons, beads, lace and fabrics and anything else that catches your fancy to embellish your DIY items. Buy assorted beads and get them strung according to your design and any small time jeweler will be able to do the needful. Bangles, hairbands, apparel, clutch bags and a million other things can be made at home. Old clothes can also be jazzed up by highlighting them with patchwork, fancy buttons or a bit of lace. For more ideas look up to do it yourself websites on the net. The material girls is a good Indian do it yourself Facebook page.

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