4 Linen Wears That Will Help You Beat The Heat!

One of the best summer materials!

With the heat and humidity taking a toll on our body and mind, this season calls for fabrics that are light and totally summer ready. Linen, the fabric chosen by our ancestors need to be given due credit for being the perfect summer must have. It’s easy on the skin, efficient in this weather and a total summer fashion fundamental. By Varsha Abhay

Linen, a fabric that was first used by the ancient Greek is now a wardrobe staple for most of us because of our hot climate. Be it the Delhi heat or the humidity down south, cotton and linen are thisseason’s best alternatives. Linen is high on comfort, breathability, coolness and also fashion. Most of us have this notion stuck in our heads about linen being a boring fabric withnothingmuch to offer other than kurtis. Well, that’s absolutely wrong!The fashion industry believes in the importance of such capable fabrics and now many more designers are using it. It’s a trend that is catching up big time with brands launching their summer collections dominated by linen shirts, trousers and blazers. Ideal for office wear, it’s a fabric that settles the problem of heat for all.

  1. Saree Routes


Extremely popular among filmstars, linen sarees are definitely doing the rounds more often than we thought. Designers have taken to incorporating an element of it in their collections making it the perfect pick for this summer. It’sglamorous when you pair it with a shimmery blouse or a contrasting one in brocade. Wear jewellery that has large uneven stones that makes you look very elegant. Celebrities have chosen the sarees for various events, promotions, appearances – each time looking very at ease and also exceptionally lovely.

  1. Trouser Love


For all the office goers, trousers are more than a staple. So much so that they are also worn for parties, so why not feel and look great in them at the same time? Available in the subtle hues such as grey, khaki, beige and white, linen trousers are best worn with buttoned down shirts or a even a nice indo-western kurti. They are not just good on your looks but also completely complement your skin in this sultry weather.

  1. Dresses and Palazzos



Linen kurtas are a no brainer! Summer months are synonymous to linen kurtas. Why not be a little more adventurous and attempt the unattempted?  From maxi dresses to palazzos and wrap around skirts, plenty of variety is now available in this soft and forgiving fabric. An absolute delight to wear in this heat, you could get tailor made linen garments for both day and night wear.

  1. Linen On Top

With the temperatures rising and the summer getting hotter, finding a substitute to our georgette and knit tops is more than just a necessity.  Wearing polyesterabuses the skin in this season , hence look out for shirts and tops made out of linen material. Most brands have their office wear collection for the summer, with linen running the show. Linen comes in subtle and light colors, so it reflects sunlight, keeping your body cool.

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