3 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Your Body Hair!

With pros and cons!

Month after month, women all over the world sit those designated hours trying to get rid of tiny little hair follicles on their limbs because they don’t go with the new LBD or it’s ruining the look of a new watch. You have heard the arguments from all sides before, yet you are unable to choose between waxing, shaving and the epilator. Don’t worry we have you covered!

There are two types of hair removing – epilation and depilation. Epilating is removing the hair from below the surface of your skin giving longer-lasting results. Waxing, threading and epilators come under this method. Depilating methods remove hair from above the skin and are quicker to use but with short-term smoothness. These include shaving and using hair removal creams.



Waxing involves applying molten and warm wax to your skin in the direction of your hair growth and then removing it quickly by a tissue against the direction of your hair growth. There are so many different types of waxes including cold waxes for heat sensitive skin, de-tan waxes that remove sun tans, chocolate and other flavoured waxes etc.


  • Unlike epilators, waxing has an exfoliation effect on skin as the wax can remove the top layer of dead skin too.
  • Waxing ensures that hair growth becomes finer and less dense.


  • Waxes can cause major skin irritation, and allergies. Check the expiration date closely and then go through the ingredients to see if you could be prone to any allergy in them.
  • Misinterpreting the heat of the wax can cause burns!
  • Best done at a salon as you might miss quite a few places when DIY.



Shaving is the use of a razor, against the direction of the hair growth, to remove the hair which is exposed above the skin surface. Since the hair is only removed on the surface level it is the least painful method on this list and super quick.


  • The least expensive method on this list.
  • Quick and efficient you can carry it around anywhere. Best for travel.
  • Razors don’t need to be powered by electricity or batteries.
  • There are wet and dry razors as well plus some also have built-in moisture bars that feel great!


  • Blades make painful cuts when used improperly.
  • Blunt blades can cause razor burns.
  • Ingrown hairs also called pseudofolliculitis are prone to happen with razors.
  • There is only a leeway of a day or two before a stubble sprouts so smooth skin doesn’t last too long with this method.



A small, handheld device, epilators consist of multiple sets of tweezers on a roller. Hair is removed from the root when the tweezers pull them up during the roll’s rotation.


  • Long lasting results because hair is pulled from the root leaving your skin looking smooth and shiny.
  • You can DIY hair removal at home with epilators.
  • Portable, mini epilators are great for travel as well.


  • Since epilators remove from the root, first-time users beware. Also regular use is necessary as longer gaps between removals can cause longer follicles and proportionally more pain.
  • With epilators there is possibility of redness and inflammation on hair removed skin.
  • Epilators can cause red spots because of all the blood flow that gathers at the root of the freshly removed follicle. This will subside in a few hours.
  • Good epilator machines are expensive.

The late but important contender on this list is laser hair removal. Although unconventional, this method is picking up quite the pace though not fully on a widespread use yet. Hair is removed permanently from root and requires no follow-up. However, the exorbitant price tag laser hair removal comes with is unappealing to a wide spectrum of consumers. So till then our overall conclusion would lean slightly more towards epilators – a balance between razors and waxes.

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