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3 Girls forced to apologise after a dance video in front of Talacauvery temple sparked outrage

Are we so intolerant as a society?

Three teenage girls who danced in front of the Talacauvery temple at Kodagu, were forced to apologise after the video drew attention from several corners. The Talacauvery, located on top of the Brahmagiri Hills is the starting point of the Cauvery river. The girls, who danced to a Bollywood song for an Instagram reel, were forced to apologise because them dancing in front of a temple was not acceptable.

In addition, the Akhila Kodava Society, a organisation in Kodava, strongly condemned the video and threatened to take police action. The youth wing of the organisation released a statement saying, “They should immediately apologise to the people of Kodagu, otherwise they have been warned that we will go to the police. Devotees were angry that Talacauvery and Bhagamandala are the center of devotion and not the center of fun. The girls have responded to this and have now made a video and asked for forgiveness from the people of Kodagu. We are giving a warning that no one should behave inappropriately in front of Talacauvery temples. Come here only if you have devotion to Cauvery mother, but don’t come here for fun.”

One of the three girls was a participant of a reality show and therefore her video gained viewership and traction easily. After her account started filling up with threatening messages, the girls uploaded a video where they are seen apologising to the Kodagu people. “We came to Talacauvery in Kodagu to offer our prayers. After we finished our darshan, we made a ‘reel’ video near the gate. It was wrong, please forgive us. We are devotees of Cauvery Amma. We did this without awareness. We seek everyone’s forgiveness including Cauvery Amma’s,” one of the girls said in her apology video.

Intolerance regarding religion is not new to India. People have always been intolerant when people in some manner try to hurt the sentiments of a religion. But, how far are we going with this intolerance? A mere Instagram reel video, in front of a with no kind of vulgarity or disrespect has made people so intolerant that they have threatened them to even take police action. Maybe sentiments were hurt, but have we become so intolerant that we don’t even give a chance for people to explain themselves? Oftentimes, it has threatens are being used offhandedly without a proper thought before actually using them. If this intolerance is justified, where are we really heading as a society?

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