3 Fashion Looks For The Chic Girl In You! #GetStyled

Up your fashion game with varieties from Express Avenue Mall, Chennai! 

Summer beckons and so do your easy, breezy clothes from your closet. Head to locations dressed in your most comfortable and stylish best. Sourced straight out of Chennai’s Express Avenue mall, we have picked out trends for the everyday woman to wear this summer!

Look 1 – Pinafore dress – Grunge

When it comes to summer, go for comfort and convenience. Dresses are super easy to put on and style. Model Shalini here is wearing a punk-grunge look that only summer fashion can bring out! It’s a pinafore dress with a loose checked shirt that accentuates a casual-meets-style feel.

Look 1 – Pinafore dress – Nautical Stripes

This look adds a more sunny disposition to summer fashion, merging a bright classical nautical striped top with the dark Pinafore dress. See how casual-meets-style? Since the stripes are really strong, the shoes are simple yet elegant, and there’s a geometric vibe added with the earrings – perfect outfit for a nice, summer brunch.

Pinafore dress, top, shirt: Forever 21
Footwear, earrings, bag: Aldo


Look 2 – Pop colour mini skirt – Ruffle crop top

This look features a pop of colour and a variation of it that’s more toned down. What’s hot on the runway right now is a bright coloured mini skirt that you can wear with a ruffled crop top for a summery brunch outfit. Moreover, florals pretty much spells summer and does most of the work, with the colour adding on.

Look 2 – Pop colour mini skirt – Striped shirt

It’s got a rather sporty vibe here, with a tied shirt (bow rather) and a fun mini skirt that’s high on the waist but looks chic and trendy. With a white back and hoop earrings, you can’t help but wonder the casual yet chic feel here. This look would look even better if one wears white sneakers to give off that fun sporty vibe.

Mini Skirt, Ruffled floral top & Earrings: Forever 21

Striped shirt, Sling bag: Forever 21

Shoes (Sandals & Sneakers): Aldo

Look 3 – Shrugs
It’s very easy to get confused about choosing the right shrugs for summer. This summer is all about layering and it plays a major role in keeping it light and fashionable. Always choose breathable material, so go for loose breezy fabrics for shrugs. Use prints that are tropical, like this one that has white and green giving one a refreshing feel. Amp it up with a tank or a cropped top and wear loose ripped jeans with it.
You can also opt for a shrug that is plain, cotton and is not busy in terms of colour or design like this rust coloured long shrug. Accentuate it with a bright crop top and high waist jeans. Top it off with sober coloured shoes and you have a whole new fun summer look and feel!
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