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3 Easy Tips To Perfect A Supple Skin!

Path to a perfect skin.

Tone it!

Toning helps lower the skin’s pH and eradicates any dirt and oil that regular cleansing fails to remove. This skin care step is only recommended for people with oily skin. An alcohol-based astringent with salicylic acid is well suited for oily skin.

Natural toning is a great way to take care of your skin, although toners with glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acid are best for almost all types of skin. Apply the toner with a cotton ball over your face excluding the eyes and lips. Wipe the toner in upward and outward direction.

Mix fresh cucumber juice with yoghurt and use this combination as an astringent and a natural toner, for normal and dry skin.

The combination of egg white and honey mixed with few drops of lemon juice is also a good toner for oily skin.

Keep it Moist

Moisturising your skin will help keep the skin looking radiant and glowing through the day. Moisturisers help restore and retain moisture on the skin. It helps improve skin texture and covers the imperfections. Facial moisturisers play an important role in fighting dryness and prevent damage. Choose oil-rich moisturisers especially those with sun protection factor (SPF). Use your fingertips to gently massage the moisturiser on your face and neck. The skincare routine is not complete if it does not give significance to moisturising. After you have finished cleansing your face with the appropriate cleanser for your skin type and toning it; you must immediately apply a suitable moisturiser. Do not overuse moisturiser as it will clog your pores and lead to blackheads and pimples. A moisturiser can also act as a protective base for make-up.

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