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3 Easy Tips To Perfect A Supple Skin!

Path to a perfect skin.

Weekly Skin Care Routine

Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and is the most important part of your skincare routine. Exfoliation increases the blood circulation, besides preventing many skin problems. We suggest exfoliating twice a week, as part of your beauty regime for both the face and body. It is important to remove dead skin as it is equally important to retain the natural oils.

Tips for a healthy skin

  • It is important to keep yourself hydrated at all times by drinking water throughout the day. This also helps to prevent dryness and keeps the skin moisturised.
  • Apply sunscreen creams and lotions on the skin before stepping out into the sun; this helps in protecting the skin from the harsh UV-A and UV-B rays. The sunscreen lotion/cream should be applied at least 15 to 30 minutes before leaving indoors
  • Use higher SPF if you have to spend a lot of time in the sun. It helps in preventing sunburn, rashes and blisters.
  • Use a hat or a cap to prevent direct rays from falling on the face.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water speeds up the tanning process, so it is mandatory to cleanse your skin and hair with fresh water after taking a swim in the pool.
  • The psoralen present in perfumes react with the sun rays, especially citrus perfumes because they can stain your skin permanently, therefore do not apply perfume on your skin while out in the sun.
  • Take bath in cold water to keep the skin fresh and hydrated, as warm showers during the summer season can make your skin very dry.
  • Reduce the intake of sugar and processed foods, include skin-friendly foods such as vegetables and fruits to pack antioxidants, a lot depends on the right foods to flaunt a healthy skin.

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