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3 Crazy Bride Stories You Won’t Believe Happened!

From going to honeymoon alone to being a drunk bridezilla!

We bring to you three crazy stories from brides we know of and most of them are a mixed bunch of humour, adventure and just a fun roller-coaster ride!

Honeymoon without my honey! 

My friends decide to gift me my honeymoon. They booked tickets and accommodation for three different destinations in Bali. It was a weeklong honeymoon. Thinking it could be fun, I invited my friends along on the trip as well.


Around seven of my friends booked their tickets. The trip was coming closer and just about a week before we realized that my husband’s passport had expired. There was absolutely no way to renew it even with tatkal, due to shortage of time. We tried everything but it didn’t come through. So it turned out that I went on my honeymoon with my friends to all these romantic destinations.


On the other hand, my husband did a north India tour with his best friend. When I got back from my trip I wanted to make a memory of it and also compensate for the fact that I left my husband behind for my honeymoon. I got a tattoo that says “B”, which I told my husband stands for “Bharath”, his name. But till date, he is convinced that it stands for “Bali”!


Just my Switch!

It was my first week of my MBA and I already spotted a cute guy staring at me. He was tall, chubby and adorable and I instantly fell for him. Though both of us never made a move – too shy to talk – we had our old school glances that went for weeks together. I would come to the canteen and he would sit diagonally across from me and we would just glance at each other and give a shy smile when our eyes met.

It was during then people back at home were sending my photos around for matrimonial proposals. I would just ignore it all, and let my family do their thing. But my mum started forcing me to see a boy she liked. “Just have a look, you don’t even have to agree. We will not force you after that.” She promised. So just to get rid of the constant nagging I agreed.

To my horror when I stepped into the boy’s house I spot my college crush staring at me in shock next to his decked up, and ready brother.

So it turns out that the “boy” that they had sought for me at home was my Prince Charming’s brother.  You can only imagine how awkward the rest of the evening was.

Long story short I’m now married to my Prince Charming, who decided to break the news and his brother’s heart that very day by confessing that he was in love with the girl.

Drunk Bridezilla

I have known my husband for over five years and marrying him is probably the best decision I have taken in my entire life. But, there are times when even your confidence takes a backseat and you have your own doubts right when you are about to get married. We got engaged in 2016 and married six months later but those six months were the hardest. Lots of work, a ton of fights, disagreements, arguments – everything you can imagine, to test the relationship. After all these months of struggle, came D-Day. The Puja in the morning was followed by a rather well-planned and a happy reception.

I was getting dressed, keeping all my clothes and jewellery ready for the forthcoming events – basically I was preoocupied. After our wonderful reception, we had a photoshoot and it was that night I realised that I was going to get MARRIED. I was going to be someone’s wife the very next day and it scared the heavens out of me! I wasn’t ready and my sisters consoled me saying that it was only natural to have cold feet. But, I had second thoughts about this – was I really ready for this huge commitment?

Morning came and I was getting ready for THE MOMENT. My sisters, watching me have subtle (figurative) panic attacks, snuck in some Vodka shots and made me have about five of them. And oh boy, did I enjoy getting married. I came on to my husband after he tied the Thali around my neck. Everyone including my parents were wondering how there could be a bride as excited as me. Of course, my husband knew it from the pungent smell when I hugged him and wouldn’t leave him for a good ten minutes. He still laughs about it.

Long story cut short, we have been happily married for two years, entering the third one!



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