22 Amazing Hairstyling tips to live by!

Who needs the salon?

The Magic 22!

Some of the most supercalifragilistic styling tips you will ever need! Regardless of your hair type, mood, colour, or just plain useful, here’s the ultimate guide to hair styling!

1) For super curls, start the iron from the middle instead of ends. It stays longer and gives more volume.

2) When using a straightening iron to make a lock, do as you would with noodles on a fork – make a circular motion.

3) Get rid of frizzy ends the easy way by hair spraying your comb thoroughly then just combing your ends.

4) If you want to give the illusion of a narrower forehead, you can use your ponytail to fall in front like makeshift bangs!

5) Hairstyle tip #1 – Fake a longer looking ponytail by making two of them; one on top overlapping the second half of your hair at the bottom.

6) If you have accidentally slept on damp hair (which you mustn’t) re-wet the crushed section and blow dry again.

7) Hairstyle tip #2 For the best braid bun, make two small braids on both sides after parting hair and pin them into each other’s bases!

8) Spray your hands with hairspray and run them through your hair to make your ponytail look tighter!

9) For even curls on both sides, tie your long hair into one high ponytail. Part into two and then start curling both sides evenly. Be beach-look ready!

10) Blow dry hair upside down for more volume.

11) Long hairstyles reduce volume around the scalp. Suits best for oval faces.

12) If you have oily hair that won’t respond to clips or bobby pins, spray your accessories with hairspray or dry shampoo/serum before any clipping.

13) Transform straight hair into wavy hair by making numerous braids and ironing them before letting loose.

14) Make short hair fun and flirty by twisting the ends into an aluminium foil and ironing with a straight iron.

15) If you need volume while straightening hair, don’t use your iron like you would use stapler on paper. Keep it loose!

16) Use salt spray before blow drying to avoid dryness!

17) DIY Super Secret Curl Cream – 2 tbsp aloe vera gel, 2 tbsp coconut oil, and 2 tbsp shea butter!

18) Hairstyle tip #3 – Got a boring straight bob? Start at the nape by grabbing small sections of hair, make a circle so that the root touches the forehead and iron.

19) The best hairstyle for curly hair is the Pineapple (Because of the way it looks). Tie your dry hair up in a high ponytail on top. Wrap a satin or silk cloth around for smoothness. Let loose when you wake up!

20) Fight the frizz! On wet hair, put on a beanie/beret to flatten it out with no awkward strands.

21) Remove moisture or other unwanted wet elements from hair by pushing your brush into a thick tissue before using it to brush. Same goes for comb.

22) Make your ponytail pop up by adding hairpins to the bottom part of the ponytail band.

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