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16-year-old killed in broad daylight after she says ‘No’ to her stalker

The stalker is her relative!

Karnataka is currently reeling from a rather shocking incident that reinforces the notion that India is no safe place for women. A 16-year-old girl was killed in broad daylight in Karnataka’s Doddaballapura Town after her stalker, 28-year-old Naveen, hacked her to death. The reason? She said ‘no’ to his proposal of marrying her when she turns 18.

The girl had dreams and ambitions of doing well in life. All of that was gone when Naveen followed her to school and, just a few meters away from the school gate, had allegedly confronted her before whipping out his sickle and slashing her at her neck. The place where she stood had formed a pool of blood, with the ambulance arriving to rush her to the hospital.

Naveen had, meanwhile, had gone home and consumed poison. Unlike the girl, he is alive.

The backstory shows that Naveen had been stalking the victim for a while. His brother is married to the victim’s sister, and Naveen used to tell her parents that when she’s 18, he would marry her. The girl had no plans of marrying him as she found him odd and refused to ever indulge in this. He used to stalk her often, with the victim even approaching the police to warn him but never filing a complaint.

This is another such incident where a crime against a woman was committed in broad daylight. Earlier, a viral video from Tamil Nadu had surfaced where a man is seen stabbing a girl to death in a busy shop. The 20-year-old college student died on the spot after the accused first stabbed her in the stomach and then, to make sure that she would not survive, he stabbed her many times in the back and neck as well.

Last year, a 21-year-old aspiring air hostess was stabbed multiple times by a man in full public view in Mansarovar Park area of Shahdara, New Delhi.

Crime against women in India has increased by a whopping 83%. Government data shows that between 2007 and 2016, it has risen with four cases of rape reported every hour. This is excluding the fact that several instances of rape and sexual assault are also deliberately unreported.

According to a poll of global experts, India is one of the most dangerous countries for women with sexual harassment and assault mounting by the day. The country, a notably patriarchal one, has been riddled with various cases of heinous assault and killings of women by men. Some of the perpetrators are their husbands, relatives, former lovers, and fathers.

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