12 Totally Awesome Facts about Hair!

Hair Myths busted!

Is it okay to comb wet hair? Can frequent blow drying cause damage to hair? This and more of hair myths busted! We bring you the most common FAQs when it comes to your tresses.

  1. Always blow dry when hair is about 75% less wet than it felt in the shower. Air-dry in room temperature or pat dry with a towel till it reaches that point.
  2. Dandruff can thrive in oily hair as well. Use a dedicated dandruff shampoo when you observe any.
  3. The frequency of haircuts does not determine growth as believed by most. Regular trim does prevent split ends though.
  4. A loose ponytail is okay but frequent tying of hair does cause it to break and fall.
  5. Hair contains no living cells so rinsing with hot or cold water makes no difference!
  6. A wide-toothed comb is fine but do not brush hair when it is wet!
  7. Dry shampoo is quite misleading as it doesn’t really clean the hair like actual shampoo does; only with shampoo washing will any dirt actually wash away. Dry shampoo simply gives the feeling of having washed.
  8. Hair growth is purely genetics-depended. Even powerful hormone drugs cannot help hair grow faster than it is meant to. So anything that promotes faster growth is a hoax!
  9. Clean hairbrushes once a month in lukewarm water with baking soda. A dirty hair brush with old hair, and hair oils, leads to the breeding of bacteria.
  10. Plucking one grey hair does not lead to 4 more growing in its place but it definitely contributes to root degeneration and damaged scalp.
  11. Drying wet hair in the sun actually leads to burning off edges so if you have to dry naturally find a shadier place.
  12. Sleeping with your hair tied is not really bad for the hair unless it is so tight that you are left with insomnia and pain!

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