11 Foolproof Ways To Maximize Space In Your Home

Multi utilities to the rescue!

With compact living being the order of the day, Gazala gives you some ideas to make your home essentials multi utilitarian. It is always a delight when we plan smartly and make the best use of what’s available and make sure everyday essentials add up to more than what just meets the eye. Here are ten items that you can purchase or maybe re-use to make them your multi utility go-to when in doubt.


Modular furniture

creative tables JFW



Yes, modular furniture is the answer to most questions related to compact spaces. India, like the rest of the world is quickly catching up on essentials that are easy to assemble and disassemble and are multi utilitarian. Considering how space is a constraint now, it is an intelligent option to resort to, when you need more seating or need a desk space temporarily.  Whether it’s a sofa –cum-bed or a table set that can be rearranged to become seating or storage, the options are innovative and look very trendy just the same.

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